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Lawyer For Real Estate: When To Hire & Where To Find Them

There are many situations when you might need to hire a real estate lawyer, from buying or selling property to negotiating a lease. While it's possible to handle some real estate matters on your own, working with an experienced lawyer ensures that everything is handled properly. Here is a look at when you should consider…
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Should You Obtain an Attorney During a Construction Contract Dispute?

Contract disputes do happen, and the project financier is often the culprit. If your contractor uses sub-par materials, does a shoddy job, or fails to meet deadlines, you may raise a dispute. Also, the contractor may raise a dispute when you fail to pay on time. When facing a construction contract dispute, hire a dispute…
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How to Fight a Mortgage Foreclosure in Florida

If you are facing mortgage foreclosure, you need to understand your obligations as well as those of your mortgage company. Your defenses against a foreclosure will focus on the mortgage company's failure to comply with its obligations. Asserting your defenses will require the services of a real estate lawyer with a broad experience with all…
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