Can a Business Lawyer, Construction Lawyer, or Real Estate Lawyer Help Your Growing Business?

All business owners strive for success; meaning high profits, loyal customers and marked expansion. Still, with growth comes the added headaches of orchestrating the expansion itself. If you are looking to grow your business with additional locations or ventures, consider the invaluable assistance of a business lawyer in Broward County. The knowledgeable, forward thinking lawyers on our team at Benson, Mucci & Weiss, P.L. can help with all aspects of your business expansion including the legalities of mergers, acquisitions, employment agreements, business contracts, sale transactions, and business litigation. In the often confusing expansion process, it’s important to work with like-minded legal professionals who share in your goals for success. Before you begin the process, consider our legal assistance. Downtown Miami

You may also know how difficult it can be to purchase or build a home and the complexities over a simple residential property transaction. If buying a single-family home can be so complex, imagine the multitude of intertwined issues you can face with commercial property ventures. When you have an experienced construction lawyer or real estate lawyer from our firm on your side, you can conquer any legal matter involving the development, sale or purchase of property. .

In addition to real estate transactions and real estate litigation, our construction law services include:

  • Contract Review, Analysis & Negotiation
  • Construction Liens & Surety Bond Claims
  • Construction litigation
  • Construction Licensing
  • Construction Warranty and Construction Defect Claims
  • Mediation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

Our goal is to offer our clients assistance, guidance and necessary representation for a wide range of construction law and real estate law needs. We understand that the law can be difficult to understand, but our lawyers are well-versed in construction and real estate law matters. We understand the best approaches to take for your situation to work towards your goals.Pile of old books with glasses on desk

Our team has over 75 combined years of legal experience. In these years, we have seen almost any type of business, construction or real estate legal situation. This experience has helped us cultivate a unique, efficient, and proactive approach to your representation and assistance, we have the necessary knowledge to provide the most comprehensive support. When you work with a business litigation attorney in Coral Springs from our team, you’re receiving the expertise of our entire firm. As a tight-knit group of lawyers, we depend on each other’s support to provide the best possible care for our clients. Our firm is ready to help your business through the often difficult times of expansion. With Benson, Mucci & Weiss, P.L. on your side you can have peace of mind that you’re in great hands. Call our office today to discuss the details of your legal needs.