Coral Springs Title Agent and Title Services

Anytime you are doing a real estate transaction the services of a title company are essential. These organizations play a central part in ensuring that everything goes smoothly during the process of closing on the property. 

Many times the market is so competitive that you have multiple offer situations. Home prices in Coral Springs are sitting at $460 thousand for listing and $459 thousand on sold properties.

Florida law requires the use of a title company for closing the transaction. Here is the role the title company plays to bring the buyers and sellers together.

The Buyers

Buyers face considerable challenges in the Coral Springs real estate market. Everything is competitive and properties don’t sit on the market very long.

Situations like this are when you need to identify the legal owner of the property. A part of our title services is to perform a background check on all of the owners of the property and who is the rightful one.

Our investigation helps you to know if the deed belongs to the party you are negotiating with and any issues.

We also protect the funds buyers place down on the property such as the good faith deposit and additional monies. Our title agents hold deposits until the closing and release the funds to the seller once there is a transfer of the deed.

We protect you against the seller taking your money and not closing on the property. We recently worked with a buyer in Oak Wood to close on a residential transaction and know that they are dealing with the legal owner.

 At Benson, Mucci & Weiss, we specialize in all aspects of real estate and offer you the best title services. We provide escrow, closing, and title services through our affiliation with All Property Title & Escrow. Our goal is to help you confidently complete your real estate transaction.


Sellers benefit from our title services by making everything easy. We help you to negotiate any liens so that you can keep most what you make off of the sale price.

Our training as a real estate attorney and relationships with finance institutions gives you an edge. We know what to do, so you get more money at the closing table.

The second thing we do for sellers is to ensure that all of the documentation is prepared and sent to the buyer properly. We ensure that you don’t have any errors and set a closing date to finish everything.

You don’t have the stress of trying to figure out if everything is correct. We eliminate the guesswork, so you can relax and complete the transaction on the closing date. A seller in North Springs told us that they appreciate our value-added solutions and how we make the process easy.

Benson, Mucci & Weiss are the real estate experts. We can help you with closing on any commercial or residential property. Our training as a real estate attorney gives us better insights into how to structure everything.

Close on the Property Fast!

A title company helps you to close on the property fast. Call Benson, Mucci, & Weiss today at 954-323-1023 and put our knowledge, experience, and professionalism to work for you. We are the number one real estate experts in South Florida and are located on North University Drive, near the North Community Park in Coral Springs.