When to Hire a Business Lawyer in Coral Springs

Most people start their own business to pursue their passion, introduce a new idea into the marketplace, or for the freedom of being their own boss. You know the motivations behind starting your business. What you probably don’t know is how to navigate legal situations that you may come across along the way. For this, it’s recommended that you hire a business lawyer in Coral Springs. You can and should depend on the expertise of a business attorney for a lot more than resolving a serious legal problem in your business. They can also provide legal assistance, to help you understand complex laws and how your business can save money.

Therefore, if you’re a business owner in South Florida, here are the ways Benson Mucci & Weiss P.L. can help you.


There are two types of business attorneys your company may need. The first kind is transactional. You may need a transactional business lawyer in Coral Springs to provide expert business advice, such as how to:

  • Start and manage a business
  • Acquire another business
  • Merge your business 
  • Lease and license property
  • Manage employees

They will research, prepare, and review documents, like your taxes and contracts for corporate mergers. They also ensure compliance with regulations and laws. That is the bulk of their work.

If you think your business can benefit from these services, contact Benson Mucci & Weiss P.L. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to business clients. Our clients can always expect promptness, accessibility, and reliability from our law firm. We’re ready to form a lasting relationship with you and your team.


If you’re looking for a business litigation attorney in Coral Springs, it means you have a serious business problem that you need to be resolved, whether through a settlement on in court. For example, a former employee wants to sue you, or vice versa. Both types of business attorneys go hand in hand. While a transactional attorney may spend a lot of their time drafting your business contract, a litigation attorney will defend you in court if an employee has breached that contract.  

Does hiring a litigation lawyer guarantee your case will go to trial? Not necessarily. In most situations, lawsuits are settled before they go to trial. So, in this scenario, a litigation attorney will negotiate the highest possible settlement if you are the one who is suing. Alternatively, if you are the one being sued, they will try to negotiate a settlement so you can avoid going to trial.

That being said, if you and your lawyer believe the best outcome will be achieved in the courtroom, this is the lawyer to hire, as they have significant experience as trial lawyers.

As with most attorneys, your litigation attorney will spend most of his/her time reviewing your case, front to back, to make sure you receive the maximum settlement or, if the defendant, avoid liability. They will help you in the following ways:

  • Researching the law that pertains to your case
  • Analyzing the merits of the case
  • Investigating the case (i.e., reviewing documents, interviewing key witnesses, such as employees, clients, etc.)
  • Negotiating a possible settlement

Comprehensive Business Lawyers

If you need a business lawyer in Coral Springs, call our law firm. At Benson Mucci & Weiss P.L., we can help you with a broad range of business and commercial law issues, whether it pertains to your business, other businesses, or your customers. Issues we have handled in the past include:

  • Business formation: We’ll help you choose the right business organization form to meet the needs of your business.
  • Dissolution and termination: We will help you dissolve or terminate your business entity correctly, as the process is complex and can lead to penalties or lawsuits.
  • Partnership disputes: There are many causes of partnership disputes – we can ensure the partnership is terminated with all assets divided fairly.
  • Contract disputes – Contracts must be upheld, and terms must be enforced – we will work to resolve the dispute to avoid a breach of contract.
  • Contact us to learn more about our services!

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