Should You Obtain an Attorney During a Construction Contract Dispute?

Contract disputes do happen, and the project financier is often the culprit. If your contractor uses sub-par materials, does a shoddy job, or fails to meet deadlines, you may raise a dispute. Also, the contractor may raise a dispute when you fail to pay on time. When facing a construction contract dispute, hire a dispute attorney.

Experienced Dispute Resolution Experts

Construction law attorneys have experience handling multiple dispute resolution and litigation cases. They approach legal resolutions from multiple angles, including mediation and case trials. Your attorney understands your need for a fair resolution. They can walk you through the complex court legal process if mediation fails. Dispute resolution attorneys have successfully handled cases similar to yours for years. They have a success record, so they will help you obtain a favorable outcome.

Extensive Industry Knowledge

A contractor dispute attorney has expertise in every sector of construction law. Construction law attorneys understand commercial contract disputes, insurance reimbursement, and labor agreements. Construction lawyers can help you to figure out your legal responsibilities and rights. Before you raise a dispute, they will make you understand your rights and accountabilities. They'll streamline the process when representing you in court or helping you negotiate fair deals. Since they understand the construction process, they can pinpoint issues in a contract and help you seek a fair verdict.

They Understand Claim Submission

Claims are often the leading cause of construction contract disputes. Claims may result from various issues. These are extension of time, variation, and prolongation claims. The claims must meet the contract terms and conditions. Drafting the claims poorly and pushing them ahead for dispute resolution won’t always end well. A contractor dispute attorney understands the claim submission process. They will help you draft your claim properly to attract a fairer verdict.

Change of Site Conditions

One reason a construction dispute may arise is due to varying site conditions. When a construction contractor visits and evaluates a site condition, they compile a contract per the conditions. But as they start working on the project, the conditions may change. You may discover unexpected obstructions, structures, subsurface, and soil conditions. These condition changes are likely to lead to disputes and disagreements. If you don’t know how to compile a robust contractual claim or negotiate for a change of contract terms, a construction attorney can help.

Delayed Construction and Substandard Administration of Contracts

Commercial contract disputes arise when the contractor fails to meet their part of the bargain. Contractors must administer the contract as per the contract specs and drawings. They must meet the specifications and standards stated in the building construction contract. Disputes may arise if a contractor fails to administer the contract as per the stated regulations. When contractors fail to perform their work as agreed, they won’t meet the stipulated project completion deadlines. These, too, can lead to disputes needing prompt resolutions. In all of these cases, a construction lawyer can help involved parties solve the issues adeptly.

These are key reasons you want to hire an experienced and credible construction attorney. For resolutions to your construction disputes, call our legal team at Benson, Mucci & Weiss today.