What Does a Construction Lawyer in Coral Springs Do?

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A construction lawyer is a lawyer specializing in construction litigation, construction contract disputes, and any other legal issues relating to construction. Most lawyers who work in construction litigation have a law degree and advanced education related to engineering, construction and building structure and defects. This type of attorney may work in the private sector or public sector representing individuals, companies or insurers.

Duties of a construction lawyer in Coral Springs include, but are not limited to:

-Representing the client and filing pleadings with the court including answers and complaints.

-Drafts and responds to discovery such as Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents.

-Reviewing documents in a construction case (blueprints, contracts, floor plans, inspection reports, etc.).

-After the attorney reviews the documents, the attorney may have his paralegal index the documents for exhibits in preparation of court.

In addition to construction disputes, construction lawyers regularly negotiate disputes between subcontractors and general contractors. These cases may involve one general contractor and several subcontractors and could be about payment, work conditions, project deadlines or contract disagreements. If a project goes over the deadline for completion, the owner may impose penalties upon the general contractor who then may try to withhold payment from the subcontractors. The attorney may speak with the owner, project manager, general contractor and subcontractors to resolve the dispute.

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