Why You Need a Real Estate Business Lawyer for Your New Startup

Selling and buying properties is a considerable investment and requires you to complete multiple transactions, enter agreements, and meet various legal requirements. However, real estate laws are complex, and a slight misstep can lead to losses. This is why you should hire someone who understands these laws and can help you handle legal responsibilities. Here are the reasons you need a business real estate lawyer for your new startup.

Business Registration And Licensing

For the government to recognize your new startup, you should register it and acquire the necessary licenses and permits. This process may be complex, but the commercial real estate lawyer will guide you through it. The attorney will also help you conform to the federal or state rules governing your business entity. 

Draft Real Estate Contracts

As a business owner, you will enter into agreements with suppliers, employees, and business partners. You will also sign various types of contracts, such as mortgages and purchases. These contracts have legal terms that you may not understand. The business real estate lawyer can help you prepare or review these contracts to ensure they meet the requirements. They will also help you understand what each document means.

Additionally, the professional can help you negotiate the contract terms to protect your rights. After the parties involved complete each transaction, the lawyer will ensure that appropriate government offices file the documents.

Negotiate Real Estate Deals

To start with, a real estate business lawyer offers legal advice on the federal and state laws you should comply with when selling or purchasing commercial properties. Real estate deals involve important activities like negotiation and inspections. This expert also ensures that the terms included in every business deal protect your rights and interests.

Help You Handle Disputes

Your business can experience real estate disputes that arise from various issues like property insurance, breach of contract, and titles. These disputes can affect your startup in different ways, like ruining its reputation and incurring financial losses. An experienced real estate business lawyer can provide legal representation and handle the issue effectively to protect your business.

To Help You Comply With Local Permit Guidelines and Building Codes

Every state has different laws regulating land use, including the construction of commercial property. For example, some areas can only accommodate apartment buildings while others are for residential and commercial use. Failure to comply with these permit guidelines can lead to severe legal consequences like hefty fines.

The experienced real estate advocates at Benson, Mucci & Weiss help to ensure that you follow these guidelines. They will also review whether the properties you plan to buy or sell comply with your area's building licensing and zoning codes.

The legal component of starting and operating a new real estate business can be complex. For this reason, you need to hire a qualified and experienced real estate attorney who will guide you and look out for your best interests. Contact Benson, Mucci & Weiss for legal solutions for your real estate business.